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Modern Foreign Languages

Modern Foreign Languages (MFL)


Within MFL, we strive to ensure that students understand the importance of learning foreign languages. We encourage every student, regardless of their ability, to be enthusiastic about their learning by incorporating innovative teaching approaches to make learning fun and accessible for all.

Students have many opportunities, throughout their schooling, to experience foreign cultures through a range of activities including foreign exchange trips and exploring music, film and food. There are also opportunities throughout the year for students to participate in foreign exchange activities by communicating with pen pals.


Key Stage 3

Year 7 students begin their journey of learning languages by studying French in mixed ability classes.

Year 8 students will study either French or Spanish; a choice that students make with the full support of the MFL team. Students then study their chosen language in more depth.

Throughout Year 9, students will further develop their study of their chosen language. For some students, learning another language is difficult; at this point, some of our students may have the opportunity to discontinue their study of their chosen language and instead are timetabled additional literacy and numeracy lessons to prepare them for GCSEs.


Key Stage 4

At GCSE, we offer students the option to study either French or Spanish.

We follow the AQA French and Spanish qualifications; students will entered for either Foundation or Higher courses depending on their ability.

Students who speak an additional language will also be encouraged to consider taking an additional GCSE in that language.