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Mr Paxman - Director of Learning (G13)

Hi I am Mr. Paxman and your Director of Learning (for Year 10). As a History teacher, you will usually find me in the History Department, along the Humanities corridor.

I have been at the Westgate School for 8 years and teaching in Slough for over 20 years! For the majority of that time, I have been responsible for overseeing the learning and progress of whole year groups. Throughout this year I will be ensuring that you feel supported throughout this very important year, as you start your GCSE courses.

What happens this year?

Year 10 is such an important year as you will begin the majority of your GCSE subjects. Your level of academic success will have a huge impact on the rest of your life. You will also acquire skills that will equip you for your lives beyond education and ensure that you have the capacity for lifelong learning.

How will I support you?

As your Director of Learning, I will be monitoring your learning and academic performance throughout the year. I will be providing intervention and academic support wherever and whenever necessary. I will be liaising with your parents and teachers regularly to ensure that you achieve the best outcomes possible in this academic year and that you are ready to transition into year 11.

What to look out for this Year?

You will be sitting your RMS and Science exams during the Summer Term. You will also begin thinking about your further education choices and begin working in tutor time on this. You will all compete in the inter-form ‘Friday competition’ - pitting forms competitively against each other in events such as Limbo, bench ball and wheelchair basketball!