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Mr Ward - Director of Learning (G07)

As your Director of Learning for Year 11 I wish to instil in you the importance of ‘Balance’. Year 11 is an important time for you in terms of academic achievement. However in order to be successful it is important to get yourself involved in enrichment activities, stay healthy and develop a growth mind-set.

What happens this year?

During the final year of Key Stage 4 you will take your GCSE examinations and you will have to make very important decisions about your next steps in education. Your choices are:

  • To continue at The Westgate School 6th form or attend a college
  • Apprenticeships
  • Work based-learning programmes

What to look out for this year?

There are many important events that take place this year and these are:

  • 6th form interviews in November
  • Careers interviews throughout the year
  • Mock exams take place in January
  • Mock results assembly in February
  • GCSE examinations begin in May and conclude in June
  • Year 11 Prom (June)
  • GCSE results day in August

How will I support you?

Throughout the year I will track and monitor your academic progress using assessment data, APRs and teacher/tutor feedback. This will enable me to support you in the following ways:

  • Lead support groups or arrange for you to attend subject specific ones
  • Work with you in lessons
  • Liaise with your teachers, parents/guardians to set specific SMART targets in order for you to make progress
  • Help you prepare for further education interviews