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Art and Design Trip to The London Aquarium

Year 10 Art students visited the London Aquarium to support their Art GCSE Coursework.

On a very cold Tuesday 27th February the Year 10 Art students travelled to London to visit the London Aquarium. The students had the opportunity to look around the aquarium first taking in the imagery that will support their ‘Underwater’ project. They were then given the task to take photos and make drawings on underwater life which had grasped their attention. They thoroughly enjoyed the experience and having the opportunity to draw and take photographs from first hand observations. Many of the students were sitting and crouching down to make studies.

All of their work that they have produced on this trip, including photographs, will go towards their coursework and development for a final piece. It has given them many ideas and I will look forward to seeing what they produce next!

“It was very inspiring. Lots of colourful visuals to help my artwork!” Chloe – 10A

“It was really interesting. I loved the jellyfish. It gave me lots of ideas.” Marium – 10B

“It was good to refer to real observations, I studied shapes and colours which has helped me continue my coursework on coral. It was a good experience.” Zoey – 10A

“It is a valuable experience for Art students to observe things first hand and the London Aquarium stimulated them with lots of imagery, colours and patterns which has inspired them. The students were excellent and it was lovely to see them working outside of the classroom.” Mrs Swift – Head of Art

Click here for photos of the event