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CSI Periodic Table Workshop

On the 20th April, Year 9 students completed a CSI murder mystery workshop to identify ‘Who Poisoned the Professor?’.

All Year 9 students were involved in the workshop where they worked in teams using the periodic table to solve the murder of the professor. Students were required to use their scientific knowledge from lessons and apply it to a series of questions, which enabled them to eliminate the suspects until the murderer was revealed.

“The workshop was interesting. Everyone was engaged and participated and the questions made you think.” Laura, Year 9 student.

“I really liked this workshop mainly because I like doing puzzles. It was really interesting.” Morsal Year 9 student.

“It was great to see so many of our students engaged and working together to solve the puzzle of ‘Who Killed the Professor?’.” Ms. Gunner, Deputy Science Curriculum Leader.

Click here for photos of the event