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Chris Bradford Visits Westgate​​​​​​​

Year 7s enjoyed a visit with the author of the Bodyguard book series.

On 13th November, Year 7 students enjoyed an exciting visit with successful author, Chris Bradford. He has written several best-selling book series and uses a technique he calls ‘method-writing’ where he immerses himself in the subjects which he writes about.

For instance, for Chris’ award-winning Young Samurai series, he trained in samurai swordmanship, karate, and ninjutsu and for his Bodyguard series, Chris embarked on an intensive close protection course to become a qualified professional bodyguard. This training included acquiring skills in unarmed combat, defensive driving, tactical firearms, threat assessments, surveillance, and even anti-ambush exercises.

Chris’ wealth of knowledge, combined with his combat skills, lend for a very interesting visit! Students learned about Chris’ writing process, what it takes to be a bodyguard, what to expect from his action-packed book series and they were able to ask him an array of questions as well.

“Chris Bardford’s author visit was fun, interesting and engaging. He included people and overall made everybody have a smile on their face” – Blake, Year 7.

“The author visit was quite fun! I really enjoyed the demonstration of the bodyguard and how they protect people. I really like his book Gamer and I also love his book Young Samurai” – Armaan, Year 7.

“Visits from individuals like Chris Bradford, present incredible opportunities for our students to engage with dynamic authors who talk about their writing processes, their commitment to gaining knowledge and their determination to learn new things. Chris provided inspiration, sparked interest in reading and gave incredible demonstrations that everyone enjoyed!” – Ms Mulligan, LRC Manager.

Click here for photos of the event