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Life in the Gurdwara

Year 8 students spent half the day at the local Gurdwara to get an insight into Sikhs daily lives.

On the 14th February Year 8 students visited the local Gurdwara to learn more about Sikhism, which they had been studying that term. They got to learn about Sikh history, seeing what life is like for Sikh’s in British society and experiencing some new skills such as calligraphy. We all got to experience the prayer hall to see how Sikh’s pray and worship and were treated to karah prasad (a sweet vegetarian food made up of flour, butter and sugar). The students found it very interesting to learn about the Sikh culture, especially since many of them have Sikh friends and this opened up a doorway of conversation between them.

“It was amazing to learn about another culture.”

“It was so much better than I thought it would be, what a great experience.”

“A really interesting, worthwhile trip. Very engaging.” Mr Hart Head of Humanities