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Westgate Students Win at STEM TeenTech Event

Westgate students win award for most innovative idea.

A group of lucky Year 9 students attended the 2017 TeenTech STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) event at Arsenal's Emirates stadium.

STEM ambassador and former Tomorrow's World presenter Maggie Philbin has expanded the event over the last few years. Starting with a small group of students, it now welcomes over 500.

Working with some influential companies to learn how important STEM is in daily life, Westgate's students were encouraged to suggest innovative ideas for the future.

Their first task was to build a sturdy bridge with logs, putting their initiative and ingenuity to the test.

The main highlight of the day was Westgate students winning the award for 'most innovative idea' with their product 'Take me Anywhere Home' - a solar-powered inflatable tent for the homeless.

Other notable events during the day included a session run by cyber security firm Symantec in which the vulnerability of passwords was demonstrated and students were advised on how to protect themselves against cyber attacks. 

The inspirational day ended with students attending a showcase hosted by companies at the event, which included JVC's original VCR player and a 'Magic of Maths' cards demonstration.

" I really enjoyed my day. There is so much to think about with STEM careers, it can take you anywhere in life" - Betty

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