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Year 7 visit Thorpe Park

The Westgate6 entry day for Consequence was a great success!

In Years 7 and 8, students at The Westgate School have a bespoke curriculum called ‘Westgate 6’. This involves focusing on a ‘Big Idea’ each half term which supports the development of each student to be equipped for life.  

The curriculum aims to make every student an effective communicator, resilient learner, adaptable leader, analytical thinker, creative initiator and independent organiser. Students have up to two lessons a week in learning sets with a learning leader to specifically focus on these skills. On Wednesday 2nd November, 162 Year 7 students visited Thorpe Park for their ‘Consequence’ Entry Day. The event nincluded a variety of activities based on consequences including discussing the impact of litter on the environment as well as identifying key consequences of health and safety aspects of the theme park. The students had the task of completing a booklet before they were then rewarded with free time to enjoy what Thorpe Park has to offer.

Charley Thomas in PW61NY said “I give this trip 10 out of 10. It has not only been fun but we have also understood what types of consequences can take place at Thorpe Park.”

All Year 7 students will now be continuing to develop their skills of being a resilient leader and analytical thinker in all of their lessons in school and will showcase their learning journey on the exit day for the Big Idea on Monday 19th December.