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Business Insight Days and Work Experience

What are Business Insight Days?

Insight days offer brief but valuable experiences akin to mini-work placements. During these sessions, students will spend a day at an office or workplace, gaining insights into the operations and culture of the business. It's a chance to explore a specific Career Zone and understand its dynamics.

Depending on the insight day and the hosting company, student activities may include:

  • Presentations on the company and its industry.
  • Discussions about available job roles, career prospects, and your potential fit within the company.
  • Interactive Q&A sessions with employees.
  • Opportunities to connect with staff and expand their professional network.
  • Workshops covering various topics such as crafting effective job applications.
  • Engaging in team challenges.
  • Access to mentoring support.

These experiences provide valuable exposure to the world of work and help students to make informed decisions about their future career path.

We provide business insight days for all Year 10 students. For Year 12 students, there's an option to participate in a week-long work experience programme. However, those who do not partake in the work experience will have the opportunity to attend a business insight day instead. Our aim is to ensure that all students take part in a meaningful workplace encounter.