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Business Studies

Business Studies


Our team of four specialist teachers delivers a wide range of courses in Key Stage 4 and 5.

Business Studies is a popular subject amongst our students due to the wide range of topics covered and the regular presence of business stories in the news. We strongly believe in our subject as being important, useful and fascinating - and want the students to share in that belief!  We have excellent links with local industry, which helps us bring the subjects to life.

Each teacher in the department has a different range of skills, and all have different backgrounds in industry and teaching placements. 

Key Stage 4

We firstly offer the Edexcel Business Studies course.  The focus of this course is to equip the student with the skill set necessary to become a successful entrepreneur.  This includes areas like:

  • How to Spot a Business Opportunity
  • Putting a Business Idea into Practice
  • Understanding External Influences

The second half of the course presumes that you have established your enterprise and are now going to evolve into a big business, so includes:

  • How to grow
  • Marketing Decisions
  • Operational decisions
  • Financial Decisions
  • Human Resource Decisions

This course is completely assessed through terminal examinations.

As an alternative, we also run a, more vocational course, entitled Enterprise & Marketing (OCR).  This is assessed through a mixture of courseworks and an exam. This course also aims to develop entrepreneurial skills and the courseworks are aimed at preparing a business plan and selling the idea to potential investors.

Teachers in the department specialise according to their particular area of strength and interest. We take GCSE and A-level groups of students to Thorpe Park, to learn about how the business markets staff vacancies and recruits its workers.

We strive to provide a broad and interesting choice of pathways to try and meet the variety of potential career journeys our students may take.  Within the school these could be to further study A-Level or BTEC Business Studies, BTEC Travel and Tourism and we can offer A-Level Economics.