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Welcome to Business Studies Options Taster Session

Did you know? 

The first item on the McDonalds menu was a hotdog, until 1996 Marvel owned the rights to the word “Zombie” and Domino’s was founded by two brothers- James and Tom Monaghan. After 8 months of pizza selling James decided to trade his half of the business to his brother…In exchange for a used Volkswagen Beetle.

We hope you enjoy the taster session!


What is the difference between Business Studies and Enterprise and Marketing? Which is best for my child?​

They are both examined in a different way, do you prefer the long build up to a final exam, or, a more gradual and practical assessment?​ Business Studies has 2 terminal exams where Enterprise and Marketing has one exam at the end of Year 10 and coursework.

Do I have to be good at Maths?​

It helps, but NO.  Concepts of Market Research and Break Even, these require numerical confidence. The exam papers are a mixture of multiple choice, written and maths questions and covers concepts with Maths content, for example cash flow. You should understand what to do with the numbers rather than testing your Mathematical Knowledge.​

Will we use computers all the time?

Not all the time.  Just like in any real business the computers, the software and the Internet are tools that we can use to do our jobs. They are a means to an end not an end in themselves.​ We are based in computer rooms, so they are available when we need them.​ The course is supported by a dedicated on-line facility, accessible from home:​

Why study Business?

The course provides an excellent introduction to the subject area which could be carried onto further education, providing an important understanding of the nature of business organisations. Many students will probably either  work within a business or have their own.

Who can I ask for more information?​

Mr J Higgins: Curriculum Leader

Miss P Mittal

Mrs A El-Nour