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Welcome to Business Studies 

This is a along established and popular course with examinations recently developed to reflect a wider range of skill sets. 

Top Performers 2020

GCSE 9, Zohal N, GCSE 9 Pavan M, GCSE 8, Rehana R, GCSE 8 Bethany M, GCSE 8 Nisha J, GCSE 8 Adrian C, GCSE 8 Tyrese B-G

Student Testimonials 

I think the business course is an interesting subject because we got to learn how businesses are build up to become some of the best in their industry. Business is very educational because I am interested in becoming an entrepreneur and the course showed what challenges are commonly faced and the rewards of being successful, Denuwan M. 

I chose to study Business as one of my GCSE options, as I believed it would help to open up many different pathways for me once I leave secondary school, and with my further education, whether it be university or an apprenticeship. Throughout the 2 years that I have studied the Business course, I have learnt about many different things from people to finances and situations within businesses. I have found it really interesting and engaging as there are many different topics within the business course. I  have been interested in finding all the different job opportunities open to me by having GCSE Business. I am also looking to carry it on as an A Level in College, Libby P.

For further information please contact:

Mr J Higgins Curriculum Leader of Business Studies

Miss P Mittal Teacher of Business Studies 

Mrs A El-Nour Teacher of Business Studies