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Chemistry A-Level

Description of Subject

Chemistry is the science of the materials that make up our world. A distinctive feature of this course is that its content relates to a wide range of ‘real world’ contexts, many of which are taken from other Sciences such as medicine and pharmacy. This unique approach gives the subject relevance and interest to everyday life.

The course includes practical activities and teaches the process of scientific investigation which is an important part of learning. Chemistry A Level provides good preparation for studying medicine, pharmacy, veterinary science or chemical engineering in further or higher education.

The course followed is AQA Chemistry. 

In year 12 you will study a arrange of chemical concepts for:

  • Inorganic Chemistry
  • Physical Chemistry
  • Organic Chemistry

You will be required to purchase your own lab coat and safety glasses at the start of the course at a cost of £10

Students’ Comments:

  • “It’s really interesting to find out how real chemists work”.
  • “I find the study of the properties and reactions of chemical substances very enjoyable and fascinating”.

The course followed is AQA Chemistry, further information can be found: