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Welcome to Computer Science GCSE

Welcome from me, Mrs Kaur, the lead computer science teacher at The Westgate School. As a department, we put every effort to make Computer Science interesting, challenging and rewarding as possible. It is probably of no surprise that in this age of modern technology and remote learning that Computer Science is a popular choice at GCSE,  we strive to ensure the relevance to the "real world" is understood and maintained.

The computer science team are looking to enter the Cyber girls competition for girls interested in cyber security and Bebras competitions which are about computational thinking to bring an extra layer of challenge and engagement to Computer Science, these competitions run nationally.

Studying Computer Science empowers you to solve complex, challenging problems, enabling you to make a positive difference in the world. With regards to professions, Computing skills are essential in a wide range of professions, from astronomy to financial analysis – not just in IT related jobs! There are many opportunities for travel and/or remote working for people with high-level computing skills. The future possibilities for people with Computer Science skills are unlimited, and these skills are only going to become more important.

Top Performers 2020

GCSE 9 Tyrese B-G, GCSE 7 Pema T, GCSE 7 Adam K, GCSE 7 Adrian C.

Student Testimonials 

I chose computer science because I had a love of all things technical, although I enjoy the programming the best especially how easy it is to learn programming. Computer science is a very good subject especially when you have the passion for it, Ahmed U, Year 11 .

Hi, I'm Harrison and I am in the year 10 computer science class. I picked Computer Science because I wanted to challenge myself in a harder subject which is very rewarding. I like learning about data protection strategies and hardware and software variations. Computer Science is a subject which is challenging at times, but it is a useful course. If you like learning about computers and the science behind them I suggest you pick the subject, Harrison, Year 10​.

I chose this subject because I have had an interest in computer science since I have been in year 7. I enjoy learning about hardware in a computer and coding things. I am learning how to code properly, and I am learning the syllabus clearly. I believe that computer science is a very fun subject, but this is only my opinion, you will only know once you have chosen it, Kuvalayan K, Year 10​.


How will I be graded? 

You will be graded from 9-1, with 9 being the best, this is detailed below (2019 paper): 

How many exams will there be? 

There will be two exams. 

Is there course work? 

No.There was a programming project but for the new specification it has been removed, though you will need to know how to program to pass the exam papers 

What grade do I need to pass the course? 

You need at least a grade 4 across both papers to pass the course. 

What is the difference between BTEC IT and GCSE Computer Science? 

 IT BTEC is about software applications and the use of IT in life and business. GCSE Computer Science is about how computers work internally and the logic of them, but also network setups, with topics such as binary, hardware/software and programming. The IT BTEC has coursework where the GCSE Computer Science has 2 exams. 

What programming language is used at Westgate school?  

Python programming language is used in school. 

How many lessons will there be per week? 

3 lessons per week 

Is Computer Science difficult? 

No, it is a structured course that will give you the skills to succeed at A level or degree level. However, you will encounter topics you have never come across before which can make it challenging but exciting. 

For further information please contact:

Mrs Kaur Teacher of Computer Science 

Mr Higgins  Curriculum Leader of Business Studies