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Design and Technology

Design and Technology


In the Design and Technology department students experience a curriculum rich in challenge and excitement. Our aim is to introduce students to a variety of materials and technologies all of which takes place in our state of the art, well-resourced workshops and kitchens.

In Key Stage 3, students complete a range of projects in food, textiles and graphics. In Key Stage 4, students currently have the option to study GCSE Food Preparation & Nutrition and the Cambridge Nationals Certificate in Engineering.

Key Stage 3 (Years 7-9)

Our aim is to improve and progress the confidence of our students through imaginative tasks, problem solving, graphical skills, visual awareness and practical work. Practical talents and confidence are advanced through a range of resources and procedures with an importance on Health and Safety. Students design and make products in food, textiles and graphics on a carousel system.

The Design and Technology department incorporates the latest technologies including; 2D and 3D printing, laser cutting machinery and software design. Computer aided design and manufacture are key to projects undertaken by the students to create products that are designed and made to a high standard. They will also develop as individuals, think independently and solve problems. Students are taught in groups of approximately 20; this will also emphasise building upon team work skills.

The five main assessment areas are:

  • Applying knowledge & understanding of materials & techniques
  • Generating, developing, communicating & modelling ideas
  • Designing
  • Planning, organising & making
  • Evaluating their own designs
Key Stage 4 (Years 10 & 11)

Current GCSE courses are Food Preparation and Nutrition and the Cambridge Nationals Certificate in Engineering. All of these courses have a non-examination assessment and a final written examination. Students will be inspired and be faced by a range of practical activities. They will be stimulated to study, understand and apply colour and design through imagery, to progress 3-D concepts, and to understand the working characteristics of ingredients/materials and their use. They will design and make products using the latest equipment/graphics and innovative technologies to prepare them for further studies and the world of work.

Students will develop the following transferable skills:-

  • Analysis and evaluation
  • Communication
  • Working independently
  • Time management
  • Organisation