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Welcome to Drama Options Taster Session

Did you know? 

Ancient Greek audiences did not clap their hands, instead, they stamped their feet to show their approval or praise. 

The longest continuous dramatic performance was called ‘The Bald Soprano’. It lasted 23 hours, 33 minutes and 54 seconds!

We hope you enjoy the taster session!


Why should I take Drama, I don’t want to be an actor? 

Drama is not about training you to be an actor, far from it. The study of Drama at GCSE is primarily aimed at equipping you with a multitude of transferrable skills that will lead to you being #equippedforlife. You will take that confidence into interviews, with you, and this will help you to impress prospective employers. 


I am not very confident, I do not like performing, so why would drama be a good choice for me? 

It is the very best choice for a student who does not like talking in front of people/ does not offer answers in class/ doesn’t like reading aloud. In the current world of employment, every single person must speak to others- you may have to lead a team, speak to a client, do a company presentation, interview people- the list is endless. Drama builds confidence and allows young people to work through real-life situations in a safe and supportive environment. Many professions really value drama studies on your CV, as an indication that you are able to communicate with confidence.   


Is there a lot of writing as part of the course?  

The course is heavily practical in Y10 but, of course, there will be theory lessons and coursework. The advantage of drama coursework is that you write about practical work that is personal to you. You are only required to submit one piece of, examined, written coursework in the entire course- it is worth 30% of your final GCSE grade and you usually have a generous amount of time in which to write it. Drama gets you away from a desk and allows you to make your own choices.  


Do I have to perform for all areas of the exam? 

No. Whilst you will be performing in many lessons, you could choose a design route for your final practical exam units. This could be in an area such as lighting or costume design.  


Will drama help me with any other subjects? 

Yes. For the final written exam, all students must study a set text. Currently we choose to study An Inspector Calls- which is also a set text in GCSE English Literature. This is a real advantage as you increase your understanding and have a depth of knowledge on the script as a performance text. Much of your devised work will be issues/ theme based and this may support your studies in humanities and other subjects.  Your literacy will improve and your ability to learn facts in other subjects will be supported.