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Description of subject:
Over the centuries, the most accurate measure of the country’s changing views, obsessions and philosophies can be seen in the texts written by its citizens. You will be expected to read widely and write essays of course, but more important is your willingness to debate ideas with others, and have opinions of your own.
If you have an enthusiasm for language and a love of reading, then this might be the course for you. We offer a team of highly experienced A Level teachers, who will share with you their passion for Literature whilst helping you to develop and express your own views effectively.
At AS Level you will study:

  • Unit 1: Aspects of Narrative: Prose & Poetry (open texts)
  • Unit 2: Dramatic Genres: Coursework based on the genre of comedy. Pre-response to a play be Shakespeare and another based on a play by a modern writer.

AS Level Outline:
As AS English Literature students you are exposed to a variety of provoking texts and are expected to approach the course responsibly, passionately and determinedly. The jump from GCSE is huge but manageable if you have a desire to achieve your full potential through the analysis and enjoyment of a wide variety of literature.

The AS course is broken down into the following modules as part of the AQA English Literature B Specification:

  • LITB1: Aspects of Narrative – Exam (60% of the AS course/30% of A2)
  • LITB2: Dramatic Genres: Comedy – Work of the Course (40% of the AS course/20% of A2)

Preparatory work over the summer:

  • The Great Gatsby - January Exam
  • The Kite Runner - January Exam
  • Auden & Browning Poetry - January Exam
  • Shakespeare - Coursework
  • Modern Drama - Coursework

Students are advised to read the core texts over the summer so that they are familiar with them when they return in Year 12. Students should be aware that the texts are subject to change.