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Ethos & Values

As a school our priorities are driven by the needs of our learners. These are identified through the processes of self-evaluation and student-voice which are an embedded feature of our work.

Educational Aims

As a place of learning The Westgate School seeks to fulfil aims negotiated with staff, parents and students which require us to:

  • Challenge all individuals, regardless of ability, in order that they achieve personal success;
  • Motivate all students to enquire and gain knowledge, skills and understanding of enterprise which will secure their future well-being;
  • Work together to promote self-confidence and personal development within a safe and secure environment;
  • Work with our community to encourage family learning and support the work of our students;
  • Create a positive and healthy attitude towards oneself and others in all that we do.

Educational Values

In addressing these aims the School’s Leadership Team will be mindful of the values which have made the school the successful place of learning that it is. Without a clear sense of moral purpose the school would seek to function as a worthwhile institution. In 2014 staff and governors expressed our core values through the following statements. We believe that:

  • by treating students with dignity we develop better relationships and thus enable better learning;
  • by offering a nurturing environment we help to ensure that every individual can make progress;
  • every student can succeed if we provide the right opportunities through which they can achieve a sense of positive self-worth;
  • children and young people should enjoy their education and we accept that a happy child is more likely to be a productive child;
  • we have a moral obligation to stand by and promote what society sees as acceptable behaviour and worthwhile activity.

The Ofsted report of March 2014 endorsed what we do by commenting “The head teacher and senior leaders consistently reinforce the school’s very high expectations”.