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Ethos and Values

The Westgate School’s mission is to equip our young people for life in an ever-changing world, by challenging and nurturing each individual in and out of the classroom, to achieve their personal best. 

We are passionate about our working with young people and making a difference to their lives.  We are equally passionate about supporting each other, as professionals and individuals, in and out of school.  We believe if it is a great place to work it will be a great place to learn and this is key to how we lead so that all thrive.  Our emotional intelligence drives all we do to make a difference and cultivate relationships, with all our school community, to support and challenge each other to be the best we can be. 

As a school and staff body we pride ourselves on three key values which underpin and provide the foundation for all our interactions and the way we do our business at The Westgate School.  Kindness in all we do to get the very best for our young people and each other.  Kindness makes all the difference to ensure it is a special place to be and ensure we are the school of choice. Also, to be kind is sometimes to kindly challenge each other to get even better!  This is because we are ambitious for our school, each other and our children who deserve the very best and for us to be their champion. We are reflective so that #betterneverstops and we model this for our young people. This ensures we continually strive for the very best to ensure we truly equip our children for life in the world in which they live. 

The Westgate School is a community built upon Respect. This is respect for others whether it be staff or students as well as self-respect. This respect allows us to develop the values, behaviours and attitudes that we feel are important for our students to possess if they are to be #equippedforlife.  We aim to celebrate these values, behaviours and attitudes with our students and encourage them to develop them not only in and out of lessons but also beyond school in the community they live.

“The Head Teacher and senior leaders consistently reinforce the school’s very high expectations” - OFSTED report 2014.