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The Westgate School offers an extensive array of activities and educational visits that go beyond the standard curriculum. We highly encourage all students to fully engage in the diverse clubs and activities available. Exploring these opportunities often leads students to uncover new talents and develop interests.

For more information about the programme and activities provided by the school, please refer to the booklet below: 

Westgates Extra-curricular Activities Booklet: 2023-2024

'All employers are looking for students and graduates who have a range of skills, personal qualities and experience, which will help them to be productive in the workplace. Extra-Curricular activities give you the chance to develop these by doing things you enjoy. This is the best opportunity to have fun and make yourself more employable at the same time' ~ Ian Hodges (Careers and employability manager at the University of Exeter.)

Please find the Extra-Curricular timetable in the document below: