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Welcome to GCSE French Options Taster Session

Did you know? 

French is an official language in countries such as France, Belgium, Canada, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Congo, Mali, and Senegal. Around 80 million out of 300 million French speakers are native. As well as the 80 million native French speakers in the world, there are an estimated 220 million partial speakers, and these numbers are increasing. 

We hope you enjoy the taster session!


When will my child sit the GCSE exam? 

They will sit the exam in summer 2023 

What does the GCSE involve? 

It involves Reading (25%), writing (25%), speaking (25%) and listening (25%) 


How will I know what they will be tested on? 

Please rest assured that we will provide your child with a course specification and detailed scheme of work as well as past papers so they know what to expect in the real exam. 


Will my child sit the Foundation or Higher paper? 

Your child will sit a mock test initially towards the end of November 2022. We will mark the papers and then we can determine whether they would be best suited to the Higher or Foundation tier.  


How can I help my child prepare for the language GCSE? 

-Encourage your child to watch television shows or movies in the language. Animations with subtitles are great so that your child can read and listen in the target language simultaneously.  

-Encourage them to go online on Kerboodle (Digital textbook) and work their way through the online resources. 

-Encourage your child to be organised- Having a folder set up, with dividers for each theme, will help them when it comes to revision.  


How can the school help my child? 

-We will give your child access to past papers and mark schemes and will conduct all exams at our school.  

-We have subscribed to various language programmes online such as Linguascope and Language Nut which will help your child learn vocabulary and grammar in a fun, yet thorough way. 

-We will use our own teaching staff to conduct the speaking exams  

-We will be running ‘Support sessions’ after school to sense check progress and consolidate vocabulary and grammar learnt in class. 

-We can offer tips and techniques on how to revise and maximise your child’s potential.