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GCSE Pod Revision Techniques

Different techniques to support revision at home, give them a try!

Dual Coding

Dual coding is the theory that for successful retrieval of knowledge you need to combine both words and visuals. This is a great technique if you are a visual learner and want to keep your  revision a good balance of key words and pictures.


Interleaving is the theory that by revising more than one topic in each session you will make better links between them. Interleaving strengthens memory association. This is a great technique for those who want to revise more than one subject at a time and like to be kept on their toes with exploring different subjects.

Retrieval Practice

Retrieval practice is the act of trying to recall information without having it in front of you. It’s a great way to understand gaps in your knowledge.

Spaced Practice

Spaced practice is the theory that short, sharp bursts of learning are more effective than cramming.  The spaced revision is all about self-test during a number of revision sessions until you can accurately recall the target information from memory. Try and get someone at home to quiz you !