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Welcome to Geography Options Taster Session

Did you know? 

Continents shift at about the same rate as your fingernails grow. In the Philippines, there’s an island that’s within a lake, on an island that’s within a lake, on an island.

We hope you enjoy the taster session!


What exam board do you study? 

The exam board is AQA. 

How many exams are there? 

There are 3 exams: 

  • Living with the Physical Environment 
  • Challenges in the Human Environment
  • Geographical Applications 

Do I have to go away on a fieldtrip? 

We are currently planning to run two day trips – one to Bristol and one to Hengistbury Head in Dorset.  The only cost associated is for a coach to get there. The fieldwork is planned for the summer term of Year 10. 


What is the biggest question you get on the exam?   

The largest tariff question is 12 (9 + 3SPaG).  The expectation is that you write approximately one page for this answer. 


Is it good for a job or University? 

Geography is a facilitating subject meaning that the Russell Group of Elite Universities have said that it develops key skills that are useful in any degree.  Employers love geography as it blends the skills needed for the arts and science.  


Does geography go with my other options? 

As it is a facilitating subject and mixes art and science, GEOGRAPHY GOES WITH ANYTHING! 


Do I have to do human and physical geography? 

Yes, Geography is a blend of the way the planet works and how we live on it so it is important to study both. 

As the environment is degraded and the world population increases there is greater call for people with the skills to combine the two.