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Welcome to Geography GCSE

A warm welcome from myself Mr. Hart the Curriculum Leader of Humanties at The Westgate School.  The department here has undergone significant growth in the last few years and now, more than ever, we are able to provide all students with a fantastic opportunities to engage in Geography throughout the GCSE course.  We have renewed resources for all classes, become School members of the Royal Geographical Society and offered fieldtrips to the South coast and to Bristol City Centre.  As we grow the subject within Westgate we hope to offer A-Level Geography and once we are able to explore the world safely again we will be exploring field trips that venture even further! 

Geography is an essential part of the curriculum, it provides a means of exploring, appreciating and understanding the world in which we live and how it has evolved. Geography explores the relationship between the Earth and its people through the study of place, space and environment.  

This is where students are given the chance to apply all of the skills and learning that they have gained in other subjects to the real world.  This could vary from understanding how the Jubilee River protects Slough from the risk of flooding to knowing how places such as Washington Drive and Lincoln Way in Cippenham came to be named after American presidents.  This all gives students a greater understanding, not only of how our local area works but also, of how we fit into the world.   

We face an uncertain future in which humanity will have to address the changes to the climate that we are causing, try to prevent the mass extinction of species and protect the precious few resources that we have left.  Geography prepares students to face this future head on be it in further study or as a key competent of their career.  They are better placed to be the change that they want to see and influence the world for the better. 

Teaching Geography at The Westgate School is a privilege and a pleasure and I hope that you will want to continue along the journey with us. 

Top Performers


Pavan M, GCSE 9

Karamna K, GCSE 8

Isobel I, GCSE 8

Tegan H, GCSE 8

Student Testimonials 

Geography truly is an eye-opening subject for many. It teaches you about the world in so many different perspectives and is very interesting. Something Geography has taught me is to expand on my answers and justify my reasons which really helps in real life situations as well. Ever since taking this subject as a GCSE, I have become more aware about many issues which helped me understand how the world works. Overall, you are truly missing out if geography isn't one of your options, Farina Year 11.

I chose Geography because it helps you to make sense of the world around you. It is interesting, it is relevant to you and it is fun. There are many enjoyable topics we do in GCSE geography such as urban issues, rivers, and natural hazards, like earthquakes. I enjoy Geography as it is a very interesting subject and I have also learnt about new stuff every lesson, Abdul Year 11.

I chose geography as I wanted to learn more about what is actually happening in the world and what can be done to make the world and environments better. Out of all the topics we have done, I most enjoyed the living world topic. My favourite case study was defiantly Rio , it’s really interesting and really creative. Geography has defiantly helped my team working skills, if you are considering choosing geography but none of your friends are and your really shy - I really suggest it as my confidence has grown and it’s helped me become more social, Poppy Year 11. 


What exam board do you study? 

The exam board is AQA. 

How many exams are there? 

There are 3 exams: 

  • Living with the Physical Environment 

  • Challenges in the Human Environment 

  • Geographical Applications 

Do I have to go away on a fieldtrip? 

We are currently planning to run two day trips – one to Bristol and one to Hengistbury Head in Dorset.  The only cost associated is for a coach to get there.  The fieldwork is planned for the summer term of Year 10. 

What is the biggest question you get on the exam?   

The largest tariff question is 12 (9 + 3SPaG).  The expectation is that you write approximately one page for this answer. 

Is this subject good for future jobs and University? 

Geography is a facilitating subject meaning that the Russell Group of Elite Universities have said that it develops key skills that are useful in any degree.  Employers love geography as it blends the skills needed for the arts and science.  

Does geography go with my other options? 

As it is a facilitating subject and mixes art and science GEOGRAPHY GOES WITH ANYTHING! 

Do I have to do human and physical geography? 

Yes, Geography is a blend of the way the planet works and how we live on it so it is important to study both.  As the environment is degraded and the world population increases there is greater call for people with the skills to combine the two. 

For further information please contact:

Mr N Hart Curriculum Leader of Humanities