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OneDrive - Guide

Step 1:

Go to Google Chrome or Internet Explorer and access the school website –


Step 2:

Click on the envelope image ‘School Email’


Step 3:

Type in your school email and password (the same as you would do in school).  Your email should open-up as normal.


Step 4:

Subject teachers will invite you to view their OneDrive resources with you via email.  In the email, click ‘Open’ – it is the only way you can access the subject’s OneDrive area


Step 5:

To access OneDrive manually once you have ‘opened’ the email from your subject teachers, in the top left corner of your screen you should see small dots in a square           Click on this and a list of Apps should appear.


Step 6:

Click on the OneDrive symbol to access OneDrive  


Step 7:

A page will open with your name down the left side and the following headings:

  • My Files
  • Recent
  • Shared (this is where you ‘shared’ files will be located that have been given to you by each department)
  • Discover
  • Recycle bin

You will automatically be in the ‘Files’ page with all of the appropriate resources that your subject teachers have already shared with you via email and you have opened.


OneDrive App

You can also access OneDrive on your smart phones (iPhone and Android) by downloading the OneDrive App and using your login details to sign in  


Forgot your Password?

If you have forgotten your password, send an email to one of your teachers who will contact the IT Team.  You will then receive a temporary password from your teacher.