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Head Boy/Girl Welcome

Welcome message from the Head Boy/Head Girl Team

Having attended The Westgate School from the very first day of Year 7 to the present, we can both proudly say we feel a part of the vital foundations of The Westgate School.

As strong ambassadors for the students, from the younger years up to our peers in the sixth form, we feel that representing such a large and prestigious school is not only a huge responsibility but also a great privilege.

The Westgate School offers countless opportunities for every student, ranging from school trips abroad where we can experience different cultures and environments to undertaking work experience placements in large businesses such as O2 and British Airways.

One of the things that we believe sets our school apart from others are the strong support networks that exist between the staff and students as well as between year groups.  We believe our school excels in having teachers who are willing to go above and beyond their responsibilities, taking on extra roles such as counsellors, mentors and tutors.

To be a part of this family is something as Head Boy and Head Girl we truly cherish and to wear the Head Boy and Head Girl badge is something that we believe should be done with pride, responsibility and honour.  We look forward to our new roles as representatives of The Westgate School and to inviting, another generation of eager year 7’s to the family.

Oliver Fiore (Head Boy)                                                                      Lauren Bown (Head Girl)