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Head Boy/Girl Welcome

Welcome message from the Head Boy/Head Girl Team

Since we have both been students at The Westgate School for five years and will be continuing for a further two years, we both very much feel as though we have been part of the development of the school community, and we are pleased to be able to give back through our work in the head team.

We believe that the opportunities offered to the students here, such as educational trips abroad, and the incredible level of support offered in relation to locating work experience placements, and even looking into a future career, are what really make this The Westgate School outstanding. Following the positive experiences we have had, we wish to facilitate these opportunities for our younger peers.

One of the things that we love about the school is that allows students to have a personalised educational career and allows students to have ownership by taking roles such as peer mentors and counselling, tasks which need a high level of responsibility, and helps to prepare students for the working world.

We both feel very privileged to hold the position of Head boy and Head girl, and we hope that in the future we can do even more to help students feel even more involved and give them even more opportunities to represent their school as a whole.

Adam (Head Boy)                                                                      Tia (Head Girl)

Welcome message from the Deputy Team

Attending The Westgate School has been a beneficial experience for us in preparing for adult life and gaining an education. As deputies we oversee and support the network of the prefect team. Within the prefects team we aim to maintain a diverse learning environment full of opportunities and career prospects; where young people of all backgrounds and abilities are catered for.

As a team we have conducted tours around the school and take pride in being the face of Westgate and being able to showcase the facilities our school has and how much opportunities we as students are given.

As the deputy team we have been involved in the planning of campaigns we want to implement into the school by the end of the year. We want to start an anti-bullying campaign that can involve all year groups and staff; our aim of this is to share experiences and how to overcome them to provide advice for the students of the school and how the teachers can help in it too. 

We wanted to stay on for 6th form at Westgate as we had built good student-teacher relationships. We view this as one of the main aspects for creating a hard working environment for teachers and students. As a team we aim to tackle this by briefing staff on what we want to do for students and for them. As well as that be able to gain ideas from them too.

We also believe it is important to give appreciation to our teachers for the hard work they dedicate to us and our education; we will does this by getting students to write positive notes to some of their teachers. Additionally, we want to have culture day to celebrate all of our students various backgrounds; by doing this we feel that we can create an equal atmosphere amongst the student body.

We are excited to carry out our roles as deputies and aim to inspire younger students for the future.

James          Susuana         Elias        Pratita        Grace