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Head Boy & Head Girl Welcome

Welcome from the Sixth Form

Having been at The Westgate School since Year 7, and being part of its expansion and success, we feel honoured to have been selected to fulfil the position as Head boy and Head girl.  

The school has come a long way over the last few years with more opportunities for students than ever before. There is now a new selection of varied GCSE options including photography, digital information technology and engineering design. We were also introduced to a new careers advisor in the school to help give us advice on the next steps of our Westgate journey.   

As new members of the head team we want to encourage students to get involved in more extra curriculum activities and make it clear to them that we are available to help them with this.   

We have a great pastoral team at the school however, we understand that sometimes students can feel anxious talking about their problems. Therefore, we want them to be aware that they can always come to us first if they need guidance or reassurance from a fellow student and peer.   

As Head boy and Head girl, we have seen the ability for opportunity to thrive under the guidance of teachers, and the motivation of our fellow students surpasses any challenge that they could face. We are extremely proud of our and the school's achievements throughout the short time of being here and we hope that you also will be able to take full advantage of the opportunities that the school provides to take strides towards your future, Head Boy Adrian C &  Head Girl Liberty C.

Starting Sixth form amongst these challenging times due to Covid has not only been difficult but taught us how to be resilient and persevere through this situation. Our school has made a conscious effort to make our return to school as safe and smooth as possible implementing precautions such as designated bubble areas, one-way systems and regular cleaning of classrooms and other pupil areas used throughout the day.  

As deputy Head girl I wanted to stay on for Sixth Form at Westgate as I had built good student-teacher relationships and really appreciated all the support and opportunities that I have received over the years being at this school and being part of such a diligent community with encouraging values. As a school we believe that it is important to motivate all students to enquire, gain knowledge, improve skills, work together to promote self-confidence and personal development within a safe and secure environment. 

As a new student to The Westgate school, and becoming Deputy Head boy, it has been a surreal experience. Adapting to this new environment, especially in times like this entailing government guidelines due to COVID restrictions and having to learn a new building has been challenging, however the school have definitely made this challenge easier to overcome. Only having attended the school for half a year, I have been able to see that the community within Teachers and students is strong, supportive and friendly and made my transition smooth and much less daunting. 

With COVID-19 around, students and staff have especially had to adapt to a new society seen as the new ‘normal’. As deputies, we help to ensure this by leading an example to other students and assisting pupils and staff with this shift to new society with any support they may need. 

As deputies we would like to set up more fundraising events for students and staff to take part in for charities that may need support especially in these difficult times. We also would like to set up even more extra curriculum activities that will help students to develop and improve further their academic knowledge and skills they need in life or any hobbies they take pleasure in doing. We are excited to carry out our roles as deputies and aim to inspire younger students for the future, Deputy Head Boy Mohsin B & Deputy Girl Ria K.