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We aim to create global citizens equipped to assess received opinion and make independent judgements. Pupils who are aware of the past, present, and future of the world around them. Pupils learn to understand the past by developing their historical skills. They gain a sense of time and chronology, and their place in world history. 

History lessons focus on developing a knowledge rich student. Pupils should experience a curriculum that sequentially builds up deep understanding of topics. One in which knowledge is not merely encountered but comprehended and remembered. This is ensured through consistent application of retrieval practice principles and to ensuring that pupils are equipped with the language to engage with topics in a meaningful way. 

Building on the depth of knowledge obtained we encourage students to develop a curious and investigative approach to history. This develops both the key skills required in history and across the wider curriculum. Students learn how to interpret historical sources, comprehending their message and analysing their provenance and reliability. 

Students develop an understanding of how the world has come to be as it is and how this impacts on current and future developments. 

Learning Journey

 “History belongs in the past but understanding it is the duty of the present” ~Shashi Tharoor