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Home Learning Environment

Creating a home learning environment

Taking an interest in your child’s learning can make a big difference to how well they do. Making your home a positive home learning environment plays a big part in this, no matter how old your child is.

What do we mean by the home learning environment?

The home learning environment is the combination of everything you and your family do and the spaces your child has access to that affect your child's development and learning. The most important feature though, are their interactions with people who provide the love, security, encouragement, conversation and positive role models to help your child to thrive. A good home learning environment encourages children and young people to have positive attitudes to learning, to be curious, and to have confidence in themselves.

What can I do?

The time that your family spends talking together is very important for your child’s development and wellbeing. Family mealtimes have been shown to be a particularly important time for this, no matter what age your child is. If you can, try to make time and space for family mealtimes. Switch the television and other electronic devices off, and eat together at a table.

Daily physical activity helps your child’s development by providing opportunities to move, play, learn and develop skills.  It also helps with their mental wellbeing. Encouraging your child to take part in energetic play is important. 

Daily outdoor exercise plays an important role in supporting your child’s physical development and emotional wellbeing and learning.