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KS5 Home Learning Timetable

Timetables and Routines

We have put together a suggestion of a timetable that may support your child with organising their day. The subjects listed are just suggestions, your child may want to substitute the subjects for others that are more key to them.  We are hoping that this timetable will give some routine, a sense of normality and a feeling of still being connected as a community. The rest of their day is for family, for physical activity, for mindfulness activities or acts of kindness.  

We strongly recommend continuing to use your time effectively by have a daily routine to secure life skills and your future career. 

The blank editable timetable can also be used to personalise your own learning journey to help structure and support learning at home.

Please remember it's important to be kind to yourself, you might have some amazing days using your timetable and made excellent progress, then on other days you might not have achieved as much and need to take a break, this is ok!