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Labour Market Information

What is labour market information, and why is it important?

Labour Market Information (LMI) offers valuable insights into employment trends and opportunities at various geographic levels, such as district, regional, or national scales. It focuses on aspects like growing and declining industries, changes in job types and levels, and the available labor supply in terms of numbers, skills, and qualifications.

Examples of LMI include data on population demographics, skills and career pathways, educational offerings and statistics, employment sectors, trends, and available jobs, training, and apprenticeships.

Why is LMI important?

Access to current LMI is crucial for promoting social mobility. It equips individuals with information about career pathways, growth sectors, and successful transitions of others, helping to connect students with positive future prospects.

By providing comprehensive information on various pathways, relevant courses, job opportunities, and understanding of the labor market, as well as facilitating networking opportunities, students can make informed decisions and smooth transitions.

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