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Learning Platforms

Many subjects use Microsoft 365 One Drive or SharePoint to provide resources and course content to students. The internet is also an incredible resource for learning, but it can be difficult to know where to start. There are great free resources such as BBC Bitesize GCSE or Seneca Learning that contain notes, exercises, revision guides and clips broken down by subject and exam board.

The Westgate School also subscribes to various online learning platforms that can support our students’ understanding and progress across many different subjects.


GCSEPod is an award-winning mobile revision and study package which The Westgate School subscribes to in order to provide our GCSE students access to a huge range of online resources. Year 9 to Year 11 students have been shown how to log in to GCSEPod.

GCSEPod offers mini video pods that have been specifically designed for exam board content, edited to ensure they are concise and only include relevant keywords for boosting exam technique. The platform saves students from searching on YouTube for correct content and offers the opportunity to design your own playlist of pods based on PPE feedback. These can stream off Wi-Fi or be downloaded to devices to avoid 4G data usage as well.

GCSEPod offers Apple and Android apps that can be downloaded free, or students may:


Kerboodle is used by a range of different subject area at The Westgate School to provide access to digital textbooks, mini-lessons, and revision resources.


The Westgate School subscribes to Languagenut – an industry leading product which supports students with language learning in French and Spanish. This resource is ideal for developing exam skills. Students who learn French or Spanish at The Westgate School will regularly be directed to Languagenut to familiarise themselves with key vocabulary and spellings required for upcoming lessons.

Individual log in details are issued by the Languages department directly to students.


The Maths department offer a variety of online resources to help students revise and progress in the subject.

MyMaths offers online video lessons and homework for a huge range of topics. Students from The Westgate School may log in with the details below at the following location:

Login: westgateschool

Password: maths


Mathswatch is an additional online resource highly recommended for use by The Westgate School students. Individual log in details are issued by the Maths department directly to students.


Learndojo is a free revision website for A-level and GCSE students. You can get help with your subjects here: