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Welcome to Media GCSE

GCSE Media is a new course for The Westgate School. Media is a contemporary and interactive subject, which encourages students to develop their creative, analytical, research, and communication skills, through exploring a range of media forms and perspectives. The skills covered in Media are transferable skills, which will help support students in a variety of other subjects such as English, Drama, Photography and RS.  


GCSE Media Studies | Eduqas 

Student Testimonials 

I choose media because I wanted to learn more about movies and because I thought it be interesting and I wasn’t wrong I truly do enjoy media and it showed me all the different ways how movies and shows all these new things which for me it’s amazing, Ricy P Year 10. 

 The reason why I choose to do media studies in GCSE is because everywhere we go and everything we do is now linked to media, which is why I choose to learn more about the media world. What I enjoyed the most about doing media studies at the Westgate school is that I got to make my own magazine cover. The skills which I think I have developed is my creativity and my general research skills, Safa S, Year 11.

 I chose media because I wanted a subject that would allow me to show my creativity whilst also learning new things such as editing or analysing a video or picture trying to find the deepest meaning. My favourite thing is making our own magazine covers as it allows me to use my creativity and make it my own, Tiago D, Year 11. 


Are there any exams?

Yes, there are 2 exams at the end of Year 11, both are 1.5 hours each. There is also a final section of the course which is practical and does not have an exam.

Do you need any equipment?

No, the Westgate school has ensured they have all necessary equipment required for the course.

Why should my child study media when it is ot relevant to what they would like to do?

Media studies is an excellent accomplishment course for a multitude of other subjects and career paths. It provides students with many transferrable skills which benefit their lives outside of Media lessons.

Is Media studies just watching films?

In Media, we do not get the opportunity to watch many films from start to finish, instead they watch clips to support with understanding, analysis and application. 

With the amount of screen time increasing at present, will choosing Media studies encourage more?

Over two thirds of the course is exam based there is a lot of written work, supported with the text book. When screens are required we aim to keep it minimum.

For further information please contact:

Miss C Edwards Teacher of Media Studies 

Miss N Jellis Curriculum Leader of English