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Protecting your child

At The Westgate School we ensure children with medical conditions are properly supported so that they remain healthy and have full access to education including school trips and physical education to achieve their academic potential.

We consult and communicate with health and social care professionals, students, and parents to make certain that the needs of children are properly understood and effectively supported. Individual health care plans are completed and relevant medical information is communicated to all staff, in a confidential manner, to make sure they are fully aware of the students’ medical needs and the children are monitored and cared for, both inside and outside the classroom.

Care is taken to follow policies and procedures in maintaining records of ongoing medical care. In cases where there might be long-term absence related to the medical condition/illness, steps are put in place to ensure the reintegration back to school is properly supported keeping their emotional and general well-being in mind and limiting the impact on education.

We are pleased to be able to host the school-aged immunisation service at The Westgate School where we work very closely with The Berkshire School Aged Immunisation team to ensure our children are up to date with their vaccinations. If your child has missed their vaccination and you would like to arrange for your child to be vaccinated, please contact the school nurses directly on 0300 365 0077 option 1 to arrange an appointment. Alternatively, you can contact them via email on

Please check our Immunisation Website for up-to-date information about School Aged Immunisations and clinics.

Together we will continue to keep our children safe at The Westgate School.