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Meet The Team

The tables below showcase the names of staff members and their main responsibilities:

Senior Leadership Team
Staff Name  
Mr J Gargan Head Teacher
Mr T Crossingham Deputy Head Teacher
Mr L McKenna Deputy Head Teacher/Strategic DSL
Miss L Evans Deputy Head Teacher
Mr R Clark Assistant Head Teacher
Mrs S Chopra SENDCo
Mr O Root Assistant Head Teacher
Mrs H Tippins Assistant Head Teacher
Mr J Ward Assistant Head Teacher
Miss N Yates Assistant Head Teacher
Miss C Williams Assistant Head Teacher


Teaching Staff
Staff Name Department Position
Mr I Adegbulugbe Maths Deputy Head 6th Form
Mr S Agbenyenu Maths Teacher
Mr S Ahmed Maths Teacher
Mrs S Ahsan Computer Science Teacher
Mrs S Akram Maths Teacher
Ms Z Asghar Humanities Teacher
Mrs S Ashraf Social Sciences Head of Sixth Form
Miss S Ashraf Humanities Head of History
Miss T Baig English Trainee Teacher
Mrs K Begum-Miah English Teacher
Mr H Bhandari PE Teacher
Ms K Bozai Performing Arts Teacher
Mr J Bryant English/Media Trainee Teacher
Miss A Canning Art Teacher
Mr A Chaggar PE Trainee Teacher
Miss B Chawla English ITTCo
Mrs S Choi Maths Teacher
Mrs S Chopra Science SENDCo 
Ms F Choudhury Social Sciences Curriculum Leader
Ms R Cinque MFL Teacher
Mr R Clark PE Assistant Head Teacher
Mrs H Corby Science Curriculum Lead Personal Development
Miss L Crespo MFL Teacher i/c Home Languages
Mr T Crossingham Science Deputy Head Teacher
Mrs R Dale Maths Teacher
Mrs M Embleton PE / Drama Director of Learning Year 11
Miss F Fisher Humanities Deputy SENDCo
Miss Z Flockton PE Teacher
Miss R Foley Humanities Trainee Teacher
Mr J Francis PE Curriculum Leader
Miss K Francis Performing Arts Curriculum Leader
Mr T Freeman Media Studies Curriculum Leader
Ms S Fullam Science Teacher
Miss C Goulding Performing Arts Teacher (maternity)
Miss D Griffiths Science Director of Learning Year 10
Mr Z Hassan Maths Deputy Curriculum Leader
Mrs K Holloway English Deputy Curriculum Leader 
Mr H Hussain English Teacher
Mr S Inniss Humanities Teacher 
Mrs K Jahan Science Teacher
Miss A Jamil Business Studies Teacher (maternity)
Mr D Jean-Pierre PE Teacher
Mr D Jury Maths Curriculum Leader
Mr V Katts Maths Teacher
Miss P Kapur Maths Director of Learning Y7
Ms R Kaur Food Technology Teacher
Mr M Khan Maths Trainee Teacher
Mrs Z Khan Business Studies Curriculum Leader
Mrs D Komarewicz Humanities Teacher
Miss A Krzywicka Maths Head of KS3
Mr N Lilley English Curriculum Leader
Miss K Liston PE Deputy Curriculum Leader
Mr G Luke MFL Teacher / Pupil Premium
Miss S Martin Humanities Head of Religious Studies (maternity)
Mr M McCracken Humanities Teacher
Mr R McGowan Science Teacher/DoE Co-ordinator
Mr L McKenna Humanities Deputy Head Teacher
Ms N Mistry Art Student Leadership Leader
Miss J Mookar Social Science Teacher
Mrs A Nagpal English Director of Learning Year 9
Miss S Ndlovu Maths Head of KS5
Mr P Paxman Humanities Director of Learning Year 8
Mr L Piemontesi English / Media Teacher
Mr P Portela Humanities Teacher
Miss M Richards Science Deputy Head 6th Form
Miss N Root Social Sciences Deputy SENDCo
Mr O Root PE Assistant Head Teacher
Mrs S Sajid Science Teacher i/c Key Stage 3
Ms A Scott-Edeson English Teacher
Mr M Schopp Technology Trainee Teacher
Mrs K Sharma Science Teacher
Mr A Sheriff-Vickers Humanities Head of Religious Studies
Mrs N Siddiqui MFL Curriculum Leader
Mrs S Simpson -Bessentie English Teacher
Miss P Slater Performing Arts Teacher
Mrs E Swift Art Curriculum Leader
Dr A Thelwell Science Curriculum Leader
Ms H Tippins MFL Assistant Head Teacher
Mr S Ur Rahman Business Studies Teacher
Mr R Vashisht English Teacher
Miss G Walton PE Teacher i/c Health and Social Care 
Mr J Ward Science Assistant Head Teacher
Mrs V Ward Science Pupil Premium Coordinator
Mr N Webley Technology Curriculum Leader
Mr L Whaley Business Studies Deputy Curriculum Lead
Miss C Williams English Assistant Head Teacher
Miss L Woods Humanities Head of Geography
Ms D Wroe English Teacher
Miss N Yates Performing Arts Assistant Head teacher


Support Staff
Staff Name Supporting Role Within The School
Mr D Ahmed Learning Support Assistant
Mrs Y Alam Finance Officer
Miss N Almassi Pastoral Coordinator 
Mr M Ambrozewicz Site Staff
Miss S Augustus-Lake EVC
Mr S Azzawi Site Staff
Miss J Bader Deputy DSL
Mrs S Baiju Welfare Officer
Miss E Bennett Exams Officer
Mrs A Bliss Learning Support Assistant
Mrs J Brennan Learning Support Assistant
Miss L Carpenter Digital Marketing (Apprentice)
Ms M Cerullo Pastoral Co-ordinator
Mrs M Chauhan Learning Support Assistant
Mrs S Cooper Learning Support Assistant
Miss D Davis Technology Technician
Miss L Dugay Lead Learning Support Assistant
Miss A Farr-Simon Sports Technician
Mrs K Fletcher-Burns Art Technician
Mrs J Gardiner SEND Administrator
Miss K Gardiner Science Technician
Mrs N Godwin Administrator
Mrs K Green Careers Leader
Mrs H Griffiths Reprographics
Mrs D Hill Pastoral Administrator
Mrs G Hindmarch Science Technician Team Leader
Mrs P Humphrey Designated Safeguarding Lead (Operational)
Mrs S Johnson-Hortop Pastoral Co-ordinator
Mrs K Judd Attendance Officer
Mrs H Kaur Cover Supervisor
Mrs L Kilbey Lead Learning Support Assistant
Mrs E Kornatowska Site Staff
Miss N Lake Learning Support Assistant
Miss C Lewis-Rainer Learning Support Assistant
Mr G Macdonald Science Technician
Mrs R Mansbridge LRC Assistant
Ms S Manzoor Learning Support Assistant
Miss Z Naeem Learning Support Assistant
Miss E Miller Learning Support Assistant
Mrs L Miller Curriculum Administrator
Ms M Mulligan LRC Manager
Mrs C Page Learning Support Assistant
Ms A Plentinka Technology Technician
Mrs F Sahir Receptionist
Ms L Schurer Learning Support Assistant
Ms J Scott-Williams Facilities Manager
Mrs D Searle Finance Officer
Miss R Smith Learning Support Assistant
Mrs P Stavreva Cover Manager
Mrs T Tame Pastoral Coordinator
Mrs L Taylor Finance Manager
Mrs C Thomas Admissions/6th Form Admin
Mrs P Thomas Learning Support Assistant
Mrs D Ultahan Curriculum Administrator
Mrs S Venturini Head Teacher’s PA / HR Officer
Ms T Webb Pastoral Team Leader
Mr A Whiles Site Staff