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Parent/Carer Governors

As you are aware, we recently notified you of our vacancy to join our Governing Body as Parent Governor, for which we have 2 positions available.  We have been very fortunate to receive 9 nominations and therefore need to hold a ballot to determine who will take their place on ‘teamwestgate’.


You are now invited to vote for your preferred candidate.   As we have 2 vacancies, each parent is entitled to one vote for each vacancy, this means you can vote for 2 candidates each.


Please find below the personal statements for each candidate.  Once you have made your decision please email stating your preferred choice ie: candidate 1, candidate 2 etc. 

Please do not add any message, your name or any personal details to the email.


The deadline for voting is 9am on the 23 April 2019, any votes received after this time will not be counted.


Thank you on behalf of the Governing Body for your support.

Personal Statements - from Parent Governor Nominations


I have applied to be a parent governor as I want to take a more active role with the school.  I have supported my eldest daughter through her KS3/4 and her GCSE’s and cannot thank the school enough for the support they provide to the children going through their exams

I have previously volunteered at the infant school attended by both my daughters, after they had left. 

I am a working parent and have worked in an industry which has seen many changes over my working life, I see that the school systems and structures of the governing bodies are also changing and I would like a deeper understanding of this.  I believe that I can bring the passion of a parent with one child nearing the end of her journey through The Westgate School and one just at the beginning.

I would like to be able to be a part of the future of the school my children are very proud to attend.


I would like to nominate myself as a Parent Governor to The Westgate School. 

My commercial experience in Finance, Learning Development and Human Resources offers a strong base to support the Governing body of the school.  Alongside this I spent 2 years as a Governor at Cippenham Infant School and also served as a Non-Executive Director of the Cippenham Schools Trust.  I was a member of the senior leadership team and held responsibility at a strategic level for school improvement, professional and leadership development, and best practice across the schools within the trust.  I looked after the area of Human Resources.  I met on a regular basis with the HR contacts in each of the schools and compile reports to make recommendations to the board of directors.

During my time as Director the Trust went through a period of transition which induced a number of changes including a new Head Teacher for Cippenham Infant School.  I managed every step of the process from designing the Job description and person specification to structuring the interview and inviting the panel.  Following the interviews’ I conducted an analysis of the performance notes and grading system used in the interview.  The highlighted areas’ of development that I have included in the induction programme.


My daughter has been at Westgate for 2 years and I have seen her develop into a young independent learner, the skills she has learn so far stand her in good stead for the future, my son is joining he school in September and he’s looking forward to the opportunities open to him.

My motivation for my application is to be part of the voice that leads and supports the school to continue to deliver an excellent level of education for our future generations.  I was previously a parent governor many years ago at my daughter’s infant school, during this time I leant about the primary school education influencers and was able to assist with matters regarding safeguarding policies.

I would embrace the opportunity for further training and understand the this includes safeguarding training , as a registered midwife I am level 3 safeguarding trained but will of course complete any training that is deemed necessary.

I work in a highly emotional heavy workload environment, so I have the skills of active listening, empathy, and resilience.  In my role in practice development I encourage lifelong learning and the development of functional skills.  I’m organised and able to handle the pressure of multiple time limits.

Recently I completed a Mental Health First Aider course, I was surprised and shocked to discover how many children/ young adults are effected and that simple signals are often missed, to the detriment of mental wellbeing for the future.  By being a parent governor I would like to have insight into the schools actions to support students in need.

I have been in contact with one of the current parent governors and understand the level of commitment needed, I would be happy to take this role on for the time I have children present at the school if I am selected for the post.


I am Mridula Jayakrishnan, mum of two wonderful kids.  My daughter is in Year 7 at Westgate and my other child just turned 4 and eagerly waiting to join Reception in Sep 2019.

I am a highly motivated individual who is very happy in professional and personal life.  I work as an Assistant Director for a pharmaceutical company called MSD, whose office is in London is based at kings cross S Pancras.

I have never been part of my school council group but when my daughter was in Lynch Hill primary, I had good relationship and communication with the school staff and other parents.  Probably my bust schedule did not let me have a thought of being part of the school council team.

However your recent application made me think, the thought initiated when I started to think of my daughter’s future.  I wanted to know can I support my child and other children and their parents to understand what the school does and what are the opportunities the school has, which the parents are not aware of.

As part of my career, I travel across the world mainly Europe to check regulatory compliance within various hospitals conducting Clinical Trials during one of such visits / travel I thought “are the kids in compliance with the school rules, are they aware of the opportunities they have within the community”.

All these thought process eventually lead to putting this application through.  Regardless of whether I am selected or not I would like to bring up the points in my mind.  These might be something that the school is already working on but still, as a mother as a citizen who cares about our future generation I will share some points.

  • Awareness of existence of parent council (PC) within other parents, laying down the roles and responsibilities of PC. This might trigger parents to open up & talk with school and team.
  • Look into what are the schools procedures and expectation from PC.
  • Explore virtual involvement of parents and community.  Encouraging on surveys for ideas and opinions.
  • Discussion of children’s safety, risk identification and possible mitigation strategy.
  • Opportunities on various areas of career development should be discussed, parents expertise in this area might be valuable, share experience.

    Setting up of workshops b/w parents & students.

    Together we can build a great community and future society where our kids will have a better life & prospects.


I have been a resident of slough for the past 40 years and have attended local schools in the area and attended the university of Cardiff. I am a civil engineer currently working for the London Borough of Ealing.

I am also a director of a project management company and a secretary of Liberis charity, which is a charitable organization dedicated to children. I have organised charity events and made donations for numerous childrens causes.

 i have decided to stand as a parent governor for The Westgate School as i feel i can offer help and guidance to the school in maintaining the good standards that the school has so far achieved.  As i have 4 children in different stages of their lives who have attended local schools i am able to relate to any obstacles that can arise in schools.


I am very interested in this position as I have strong desire for children to learn about life as part of their time at school alongside the required school work.  I believe that Westgate work well to deliver the concept and I would like to work alongside the school and provide my experience and abilities as needed.

I currently run a 30 strong team delivering a service to laboratories in the pharmaceutical industry, I currently hold the position of Chair for 1st Cippenham Scout Group and I previously held the position of Secretary for DAWMSB (Dyslexia Association for Windsor, Maidenhead, Slough and Bracknell).  All these positions have provided me with skills I feel I can now share.


I wish to continue my role as a parent governor with the Westgate School.


My daughter is in year 8. She is a full time wheelchair user and is under the care of the SEN team. Since joining The Westgate School she has flourished and gained huge amounts of confidence. We attribute all of this to the school and how welcome and safe they've made her feel.  For this reason i would like to give something back to the school.

I am a qualified teacher in travel and tourism (fe sector) but currently working as a secondary school librarian.  Prior to entering the education sector i worked in the airline industry in various departments ranging from customer service to marketing. In my spare time i volunteer with the Windsor street angels (twice a month). When on shift i help run the safety hub alongside on duty police officers and paramedics. We help homeless people looking for a safe place as well those places in a vulnerable position after a night out. With the street angels i have received child protection training in particular the county line challenges facing our vulnerable children within our area.

I have experience of working with SEN children as well as being the parent of an SEN child. I have set up and run an internal exclusion room in a secondary school which led me to take an interest in behaviour managing strategies as well as societal influences impacting on behaviour. My interest in managing behaviour also led me to learn about youth mental health and its impact on learning. For this reason i undertook the youth mental training offered to all schools from mental health England.

I've also worked in the FE sector as a teacher and class tutor which gives me experience of vocational subjects post GCSEs, as well as, preparing students for university both academically and emotionally.

Whilst i have mentioned behaviour management a lot this does not indicate in any way that i feel The Westgate School has a poor behaviour management policy. It is simply an interest of mine.

I feel all the above experience i have gained could positively contribute to the already fantastic running of the school.


I feel I can make a really positive impact on Westgate School for many reasons. My father went to Westgate, my uncle, sister, cousins, myself and more importantly now does my daughter and soon in a couple of years her sister will be joining her. I have lived in Cippenham all my life and feel it is time to give back to the community that has always provided for me.

A bit about me and why I think I can really make a difference. I am a fully accredited BECTU Special Effects Supervisor working on major Hollywood blockbuster movies and have access to pretty much any resource required to put on any kind of stage show or filmed production the school is involved in. I can help with the supply of equipment for such events. I am a full voting member of BAFTA and have myself received two nominations for my work on the “Fantastic Beast” episodes by J.K.Rowling and although to be thoroughly explored have access to avenues/conduits for those interested in film or TV production. You can check out my credits on IMDB by using this link.

I have been involved with charities before, I was Treasurer to “The Emma Sallis Memorial Fund”. We raised £75,000 and installed the play equipment in “Black Park” in 2003. We managed this by organising numerous fun days and bombarding local businesses for donations so have experience in raising money for good causes.

My wife and I are both very dedicated parents to our two daughters and if I can help in any way, I would consider it a pleasure to contribute to my daughters and others schooling.