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Personal Development Newsletters

Personal Development at The Westgate School plays a pivotal role in realising our vision and intent. Our personal development curriculum is designed to cultivate character and provide experiences that empower our students for life beyond The Westgate School. We aspire to offer students opportunities for self-reflection and self-discovery while fostering an awareness of their role in the broader world. Throughout their time at The Westgate School, we endeavour to nurture students' character through enriching experiences, encompassing both our curriculum and co-curricular activities. Anchoring all our efforts in Personal Development are our core values of ambition, reflection, and kindness.

Every half term, we will share a Personal Development Newsletter that will include the following: 

- PSHE/RSE Curriculum information

- Upcoming events and workshops

- Student Leadership information

- Careers Guidance

- Extra-curricular Activities

- Safeguarding updates