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Welcome to Physical Education GCSE

The PE Department at The Westgate School offers the option of either the GCSE PE course or BTEC Sport at Key tage 4, with excellent outcomes achieved by students. Our team of teachers, with our dedicated Sports Technician aspire to give the students a fantastic learning experience both practically and theoretically.  

In GCSE PE students take two exams at the end of the course. Paper 1 covers anatomy and physiology, movement analysis and physical training, and Paper 2 covers sports psychology, socio-cultural influences and health and fitness. A piece of coursework in Year 11 requires students to analyse and evaluate practical performance in a chosen activity. Practically, students develop their skills with a full and varied programme of activities across the two years, which are assessed throughout.   

The specification can be viewed here: GCSE PE Specification 

In BTEC Sport, students are assessed through both examined units and internally assessed written assignments. Unit 1, fitness for sport and exercise, is externally examined in Year 10. Unit 2 – practical performance in sport, Unit 3 – applying principles of personal training, and Unit 6 – leading sports activities are internally assessed through written coursework and practical assessments such as leadership.  

The specification can be viewed here: BTEC Sport Specification 

Top Performers 2020 

GCSE 9 Isobel I, GCSE 8 Ethan C, GCSE 8 Elijah O, GCSE 7 Peter N, GCSE 7 Finn O. 

Top Performers 2019 

GCSE 9 Megan M, GCSE 8 Betty A, GCSE 8 Nia D-A,  GCSE 7 Daisy M.


Do I need to play sport outside of school? 

No, although of course we would encourage this and we can provide contacts and links at local sports clubs. There will be opportunities to represent the school in a wide variety of activities. 

I play sport outside of school, can I use that sport towards my practical grade? 

If the sport is on the PE Specification, then yes that would be fantastic. We will require video evidence of you playing/performing and we can discuss the requirements of this.  

Does GCSE PE replace my normal PE lessons? 

No, you will continue to have two core PE lessons each week. These lessons will be an opportunity to play sport recreationally, and to increase activity levels. 

How can I improve my practical grade? 

Core PE is a great opportunity for you to improve your practical ability across a wide range of sports. In addition students should attend extra-curricular clubs and make every effort to represent the school in external fixtures.  

How many lessons will I have each week? 

Students will have 3 GCSE PE lessons each week, usually 1 x Practical lesson and 2 x Theory. This is in addition to Core PE, which is 2 x per week. 

How will I be assessed for GCSE PE? 

You will take 2 x exams at the end of Year 11, which are 1 hour 15 minutes each. You will be assessed on your practical ability throughout the course and in addition you will complete a piece of coursework at the start of Year 11.  

For further information please contact:

Mr R Elvery Curriculum Leader of Physical Education