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Physics A-Level

Description of Subject

Physics is “the study of matter, energy, and the interaction between them”, but what that really means is that physics is about asking fundamental questions and trying to answer them by observing and experimenting.

Physicists ask really big questions like:

  • How did the universe begin?
  • How will the universe change in the future?
  • How does the Sun keep on shining?
  • What are the basic building blocks of matter?

The course includes practical activities and teaches the process of scientific investigation which is an important part of learning. Physics A Level provides good preparation for studying medicine, engineering and architecture in further or higher education.

The course followed is AQA Physics. 

In year 12 you will study 5 units:

  • Unit 1 Measurements and errors
  • Unit 2 Particles and radiation
  • Unit 3 Waves
  • Unit 4 Mechanics and Materials
  • Unit 5 Electricity  

Students’ Comments:

“A great step into discovering the real world around us!”

“As a female A Level Physics has helped inspired me to pursue a career in engineering”

The course followed is AQA Physics, further information can be found: