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RMS A-Level

Description of subject

The aim of the course is to offer a balanced programme of study, which is informative, challenging, relevant and appropriate. You will be given the opportunity to develop a deeper understanding of key issues relating to a wide variety of issues including euthanasia. The course is divided into three areas, Philosophy, Ethics and Buddhism. Philosophy looks at ideas such as the arguments for the existence of God and questions deeply the existences of evil and suffering. In Ethics we address the idea of ‘how do you know what is right and what is wrong?’ and apply this to ethical dilemmas we all face in life. The Buddhism section looks at one of the wests fastest growing religions and considers its origins and how it shapes followers lives today.

 This course requires students who wish to think critically about issues in society. It will introduce you to a wide variety of ancient and modern wisdom and ask you to reflect upon your own responses to these. You will develop an enquiring mind, along with the ability to analyse a point of view, reason through an argument, and reach a logical and justifiable conclusion.

It is an essential qualification for those considering working with people from different cultural backgrounds and who will need to effectively debate or communicate.


Religious and Moral Studies seeks to equip students with the information required to be able to understand one another's beliefs more, and to provide educational tools so that students can reflect upon personal and society values. Students learn through discussion within a variety of contexts such as in pairs, small groups or as a class; through reading and research (in books and using ICT); and by both student and teacher led presentations. RMS is enabling students to achieve throughout it's various levels in the school, from year 7 to year 13. Students will be assessed in their learning each half term. (Year 12 and 13 only - A good proportion of A Level study takes place through essays that will help students prepare for exams and enable students to develop a good working knowledge of material learnt in class.)

A-Level content is covered over the full 2 years.

  • Philosophy of religion
  • Moral Ethics
  • The Study of Eastern Religions: Buddhism