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Governors Information

The Westgate School Governing Board is made up of Parents, Staff, and members of the community.  Our Governors may come to us through a variety of routes and with a range of different backgrounds, skills and experiences, but with the common ground as volunteers who are committed to working together for the benefit of the school.  The Governing Board bring a range of different expertise which ensures they are able to support and challenge the school effectively to ensure a high quality experience for the community we serve.

We have a shared commitment to the Nolan principles of public life: Selflessness, Integrity, Objectivity, Accountability, Openness, Honesty & Leadership.  Each of us is proud and humbled to be of service to an outstanding school that has a legacy of serving the families of Cippenham for over 60 years.

There are three core functions of a Governing body - we plan the strategic direction of a school, making sure public money is well spent, and we hold school leadership to account.

The Westgate School is undoubtedly a successful school, we are proud of our "Outstanding" Ofsted rating, but it does not mean we are complacent.  Both the Governing Body and the Senior Leadership Team, headed up by Mr Gargan, are committed to ensuring that the school goes from strength to strength – living and breathing the belief that “Better Never Stops”.

The heart and soul of the school was never more evident than during the pandemic we found ourselves in.  The care and community spirit that was evident from the staff and students, was a truly a testament to the school and although not able to be physically together the bonds that create this wonderful community were stronger than ever.

Since the pandemic the school has continued to respond to the emerging needs of young people and adapt to ensure that the school continues to thrive in the context of a growing school.  The Westgate School is now at full capacity after expansion and the Governing Board is committed to challenging and supporting the school and leaders to serve the local community and ensure young people experience a quality education in and out of the classroom.   

Proudly #TeamWestgate