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Welcome to Religious Education GCSE

At the Westgate School, GCSE Religious Studies is a compulsory subject for all students. All students begin studying for the GCSE in Year 9 and complete it in Year 10. The decision to make Religious Studies compulsory is because it gives all students a chance to experience how to prepare, revise and experience sitting a real exam. This, we have found, reduces the stress of students in Year 11, when they are sitting the rest of their GCSE subjects, as they already know what to expect from GCSE exams.

At the Westgate School, we follow the AQA Specification A (excluding textual content) course:

All students will focus on Christianity and Islam. However, there are opportunities to look at the other major religions when we look at ethical issues in the themes half of the course. 

Top Performers 


GCSE 9 Simon K, GCSE 9 Rasna M, GCSE 9 Harry L, GCSE 9 Nauman A, GCSE 8 Rosie M-J, GCSE 8 Scarlett R

Student Testimonials 

I found interesting the many links between the monotheistic religions. It allows you to know more about types of people as you gain knowledge about their beliefs, Ubaid.

I found learning about different cultures and religions particularly interesting, in addition to the thematic units which questioned the ethical/non-ethical practices in society. GCSE RS enables you to gather a deeper knowledge on differing and contrasting religions, beliefs, and cultures, which provides you with a good understanding to how different people may live across the world. GCSE RS can also lead to gaining more confidence when public speaking, due to the positive class debates and discussions which often occur during lessons. It is rare for someone to have a wrong answer in GCSE RS, as many of the questions asked are up for interpretation by different people. In comparison to other subjects, in RS you are encouraged to express your own personal views on a topic, even if it differs from your peers, Scarlett.

I have learnt more about my religion during these lessons, and I have learnt new and very interesting things about Islam that I didn't know about. RS has developed my timing skills especially with those 12mark questions. This will help me with my other GCSEs a lot. RS is different because you get to learn about how different people celebrate different occasions and you get to talk about some real-life examples of certain situations unlike a subject like photography, Seweryn.

For further information please contact:

Mr R Barber  Deputy Curriculum Leader of Humanities