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Remote Learning

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, The Westgate School has embraced the Microsoft 365 package to support remote teaching and learning provision.

In the event of school closure during term time, all students are expected to continue with their learning at home; this is especially important for those students who are in the process of completing coursework or preparing for external examinations.

Students are expected to engage in online, remote and home learning.  Students will work independently during this time, though there may be some online interaction with teachers during the day, depending on arrangements in each subject area based on the online and remote teaching timetable.  It is students’ responsibility to complete the work set or communicate to their teachers why it is not completed and owing to the nature of online and remote learning, students should check their emails regularly. 

Students’ use of Microsoft Teams and other online software during periods of school closure is governed by the school’s usual E-safety and Acceptable Use Policy, details of which are available on the school website.  Students may also use websites recommended by the school; parents should be aware that the school cannot monitor students’ use these websites in the same way.  

Students may contact members of staff through the school email system and through Microsoft Teams and/or other integrated Microsoft programmes.  It is important to understand that in the context of a full or partial school closure, it will not be manageable for students to have contact with members of staff every day, but members of staff will be in regular contact with students to ensure that they are completing work, receiving feedback, and being given access to any necessary resources whilst checking on their welfare and wellbeing.  

Any students who do not have access to a suitable device or to the internet at home will be provided with printed packs of materials which enable them to continue their studies during the closure period.