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Remote Learning 2020

Welcome to Remote Learning

In light of the need for the school to close #teamwestgate have shared a number of links to help provide and support students with their learning.  We have sections for KS3 and KS4 / 5 as well as the use of the OneDrive cloud where staff have upload lessons and learning materials so that students can work remotely.  Staff are on line through email to support students and they will update resources periodically and are available to answer question and queries.

In addition, encouraging child to be active through their will keep them healthy and ensure they take a break from learning.  Try out this Joe Wicks work out clip each day.


Joe Wicks PE Workouts - Get Active!


Child Well Being / Relaxation

Headspace - Mindfulness for children. Short sessions to help children stay calm, relaxed and happy


Smiling Mind - Mindfulness for all children, parents and families. Short sessions focusing on different themes. 


Red Ted Art - Simple arts and crafts for everyone


Further Websites to support