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Health & Social Care

The aim of the Health and Social Care is to develop caring and understanding students, through the values of Health and Social Care. Health and Social Care, is a growing sector in today’s economy, and an important part of our society, that many students will have the experience of working in.

In year 10-11 students, students develop knowledge on the changes that happen during a lifetime such as puberty and menopause. The course is split into three components, this allows and encourages students to demonstrate maturity and respect for others, skills that are important in any workplace. The first two components underpin the further learning, that takes place in the exam component at end of year 11.

The Health and Social Curriculum develops students understanding, of scenarios they may have experienced or relate to. Health and Social Care promotes opportunities for students to draw from case studies and encourages students to research further to support their understanding, a skill that is useful for further study or work. Reflective practice is also promoted through the development of skills allowing students to respond to feedback and addressing areas for improvement.

Students can opt to further knowledge is KS5, by studying Health and Social Care at A-Level, students will develop the principles they have learnt in KS4, considering further how to meet individuals care needs and the support they need when receiving care. Students will also continue explore working in Health and Social care, preparing them for further study or work.

Learning Journey


“Without a sense of caring, there can be no sense of community.” ~Anthony J. D’Angelo