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Description of subject:
If you want to explore and understand the task of living in today’s complicated society, Sociology is for you. In discussing serious issues, we aim to keep improving the accuracy in what we say about social life.
Lesson by lesson, you will study a wide range of theories which will help you shed light on certain aspects of social life.
To help you decide which approaches are most useful, you will learn to observe:

  • Individuals’ unique views of the world
  • Acquired and negotiated cultural patterns
  • Societal and global structures all of which pattern our lives with opportunities.

At AS Level you will study:

  • Unit 1: Exploring socialisation, culture and identity
  • Unit 2: Families and households

Approach to Teaching and Learning
In class, you can expect a varied programme of work that includes:

  • Formal note taking
  • Verbal explanations
  • Discussion
  • Presentations
  • IT projects
  • TV/Filmwork
  • Independent research
  • Examination preparation

We aim to use a range of activities in class that will help you develop as well as cater to the different learning styles of your class and the style of the final assessments.
Although many students think that some people are simply “clever”, what gets students top grades is hard work and organisation.
Keep a well organised sociology folder. Simply keep all your A2 Sociology notes in ONE file and use dividers for each specification area.
Ask! We may not know you need help unless you tell us. All staff are happy to spend time reviewing material with students and you will never be the only person finding some things tricky!

Year 12 Course Content
AS Unit 1: Socialisation, Culture and Identity with Research Methods

  • Assessed in a 90 minute AS January examination with Pre-Release Material on Friday 11th January 2013 PM.
  • Students will need to consider questions such as:
  • How are cultures formed?
  • How does the process of socialisation link to the creation of individual identity?
  • How are quantitative and qualitative research methods used and combined to study this area?

AS Unit 2: Sociology of Families and Households

  • Assessed in a 90 minute AS Summer examination on Monday 13th May 2013 PM.
  • Students will need to consider questions such as:
  • What is the purpose of the family in society?
  • What are the key statistical trends in the development of the family over the years?
  • What types of family exist in UK society?
  • What is the nature of family relationships and how are responsibilities divided amongst family members?