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Student Leadership

Student Leadership

The making of a good leader is not an inherited something. At The Westgate School, we believe that students should be given a wide range of opportunities to practice and develop their leadership skills. The student leadership programme we hope will provide our students a way to build an inspiring network as well as bringing a unique experience through expressing school-related ideas, goals and desires in productive, constructive ways.

The aim of this initiative is to develop a platform where students can learn how to plan events, organise their time, hone their public speaking skills and lead others.  It is impossible to list all the opportunities students have to take on leadership roles at the school but this page is a taste of what we currently have to offer. Many of the activities will primarily focus on improving the quality of learning and teaching in the classroom as well as supporting the school’s aim to be a place where everyone relishes learning and is creative.

What do we offer?

Peer mentoring (Available to: years 9, 10, 11, 12 and 13)

The scheme provides our students the chance to act as role models and make a positive impact on someone’s life. As a peer mentor, you will act as a valuable source of information and use this to lead and support new and existing students.

Through this programme, you will:

  1. Gain a fulfilling experience
  2. Boost leadership skills
  3. Meet new students
  4. Practice good time management
  5. Inspire others

Prefects (Available to: years 12 and 13)

As a prefect, you will have the opportunity to influence your peers positively by working with teachers to create a better place to learn, mentor and inspire students. Your responsibilities will range from organising and running events to supporting students and taking on one lunch duty a week.

Through this programme, you will:

  1. Lead by example
  2. Develop a spirit of hard work
  3. Build your self confidence
  4. Develop your team working skills
  5. Become organised and resourceful

For information on our student leadership opportunities, please do not hesitate to contact Miss A Ahmed

Our Current student leadership hierarchy