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Student Leadership

Student leadership is a crucial aspect of your child's journey at The Westgate School and we would urge all students to embrace these excellent opportunities. Take a look at the document at the bottom of the page to discover the opportunities we have for you!

The Head Student Leadership Team

Our team comprises of two Head Students and five Deputies, they are an amazing and diverse team of students who are committed to being positive role models across the school, help staff and organise events. We hope that their presence will inspire the younger year groups to aspire for greatness.

Our Head Student Leadership Team 2023-2024:

Name Position
Simran, B Head Student
Jessica, B Head Student
Jack, P Deputy Head Student
Daisy, A Deputy Head Student
Huleymatou, C Deputy Head Student

The Student Leadership Team : Year 7-11

Our student leadership team, spanning all year groups, will collaborate with the Senior Leadership Team on the school development plan to bring about positive change and be a voice for the rest of their Year Group and school.

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Ambassadors

We have two 'Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Ambassadors' for each Year Group to represent the school and dedicate time to organise events and promote equality, diversity and inclusion across the school curriculum and to all staff and students here at Westgate.  

Our Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Ambassadors 2023-2024:

Student Name Year Group
Zuzanna, P Year 7
Pari, K Year 7
Aayan, A Year 8
Amerlise, M Year 8
Alina, G Year 9
Muhammad, B Year 9
Gurdev, D Year 10
Riya, S Year 10
N'Tarshae, R Year 11
Ethan, F Year 11

Student Receptionists

As part of our drive to increase student leadership opportunities across the school and equip our students for life, we have introduced a new and exciting initiative for all our Year 8 students. They get the opportunity to spend at least one school day acting as a Student Receptionist. The role requires students to act as a responsible member of the school community, supporting both students and staff throughout the school day.

Examples of things may do are: distributing letters, greeting visitors, admin tasks, performing lesson checks and many more productive things.  


We have formed a team of Eco-Warriors to help with our allotment, litter picking, recycling and any other opportunities to be friendlier to our environment. They regularly pick litter during breaks and look after our allotment where they have so far grown potatoes, chillis, seasonal squash, tomatoes and rhubard. They are currently going through the process of applying for the 'Eco-Schools Green Flag' status - they've put lots of work into this and we're so proud of everything that they are doing for the school.

Our Eco-Warriors 2023-2024:

Student Name Year Group
Olivia F-W Year 9
Sumayyah U Year 9
Gabriela P Year 9
Hassan H Year 8
Estera P Year 7
Khushdeep S Year 7
Kishan C Year 10

Duke of Edinburgh Participants

Here are the amazing students who have chosen to prticipate in the DofE program, looking to develop new skills and explore new horizons, these students have been taking part in various adventures on their path of self discovery.

Our Duke of Edinburgh Participants 2023-2024:

Student Name Year Group
Arham A Year 11
Aarush B Year 11
Bailee B Year 11
Harleen B Year 11
Rajan B Year 11
Max B Year 11
Hansini B Year 11
Alistair B Year 11
Casey C Year 11
Chloe C Year 11
Liana C Year 11
Evie C Year 11
Scarlett D Year 11
Ethan F Year 11
Isobel H Year 11
Oliver H Year 11
Brooklyn H Year 11
Holly H Year 11
Harrison J Year 11
Saffia K Year 11
Krissie K Year 11
Martyna K Year 11
Zara K Year 11
Nicole K Year 11
Ben L Year 11
Safiyya M Year 11
Amari O Year 11
Cam'Ron Sky O Year 11
Leisha P Year 11
Jason P Year 11
Nyah S Year 11
Bailey S Year 11
Maizie T Year 11
Daisy U Year 11
Daniella Y Year 11
Olivia Z Year 11


Students Name Year Group
Hatim A Year 10
Maya A Year 10
Michael A Year 10
Lucas A Year 10
Syrus B Year 10
Zuzanna B Year 10
Alexander B Year 10
Sahib B Year 10
Rhea C Year 10
Harshit C Year 10
Olivia C Year 10
Kareena D Year 10
Amrit D Year 10
Zakaria F Year 10
Myles F Year 10
Nia H Year 10
Jake H Year 10
Haya I Year 10
Jeron I Year 10
Mohammed Junaid I Year 10
Damian J Year 10
Muhammed Moiz K Year 10
Ibrahim K Year 10
Rayan K Year 10
Maja K Year 10
Ashton L Year 10
Taejia L Year 10
Ibrahim L Year 10
Krystal M Year 10
Jaida M Year 10
Krishna M Year 10
Thomas M Year 10
Hussain M Year 10
Oshevwiyo O Year 10
Hephzibar O-T Year 10
Jayan P Year 10
Kardell P-A Year 10
Jeevan S Year 10
Kaia S Year 10
Joshua S Year 10
Haris S Year 10
Riya S Year 10
Nikoletta S Year 10
Joshua S Year 10
Samar S Year 10
Aaron S-F Year 10
Sukhdeep S Year 10
Nerojan S Year 10
Zahra T-N Year 10
Adam V Year 10
Jack W Year 10
Gabriel W Year 10
Stanley W Year 10


Student Name Year Group
Ahmed A Year 9
Splendour A Year 9
Hrihan B Year 9
Nihal B Year 9
Kruttika C Year 9
Martyna C Year 9
Lukas D Year 9
Ava D Year 9
Madi D Year 9
Dylan D Year 9
Juzer D Year 9
Tierney E Year 9
Jayden E Year 9
Sofia F Year 9
Felicity-Mai F Year 9
Ellie G-C Year 9
Alina G Year 9
Eshan H Year 9
Nikil J Year 9
Roop J Year 9
Jayden J Year 9
Zac K Year 9
Vanessa K Year 9
Alexander K Year 9
Isreal K Year 9
Ryan L Year 9
Hector M Year 9
Hanna M Year 9
Tyler M Year 9
Viraj M Year 9
Vicky M Year 9
Liam M Year 9
Laiba M Year 9
Ayush P Year 9
Sabhaan P Year 9
Jessica P Year 9
Adam P Year 9
Bharath P-K Year 9
Rayyan S Year 9
Daniel S Year 9
Sebastian S Year 9
Alexei S Year 9
Riley T Year 9
Daisy T Year 9
Tanisha V Year 9
Brooke W Year 9
Hamza Y Year 9
Yuhaa Y Year 9
Anniyah Z Year 9

Open Evening Ambassadors 

We wanted to recognise the extraordinary commitment of our passionate student volunteers who generously invested their time to help out at our schools open evenings. Some students were given the task of guiding prospective students and parents through enlightening tours of our school, captivating subject showcases, and insightful conversations about the unique Westgate experience.

Our Open Evening Ambassadors 2023-2024:

Student Name Year Group
Aashi, A Y8
Aayan, A Y8
Iman, A Y8
Muhammad, A Y7
Ashna, A Y8
Emmanuel, A Y8
Shania, A Y13
Amorey, A Y7
Iftisam, A Y11
Shivam, A Y8
Muhammad, A Y8
Isabella, A Y8
Rahman, A Y12
Hadi, A Y8
Asim, A Y8
Advait, A Y8
Haiqa, A Y8
Rayene, A Y8
Amalia, A Y8
Atif, A Y8
Keya, B Y10
Muhammad, B Y9
Muhammad, B Y9
Jaipreet, B Y11
Jaipreet, B Y11
Aarush, B Y11
Aarush, B Y11
Poppy, B Y11
Maisie, B Y13
Avni, B Y8
Mryim, B Y11
Mia, B Y8
Zuzanna, B Y10
Shiloh, B Y8
Junaid, B Y8
Amy, B Y10
Casey, C Y11
Yuvraj, C Y7
Fariz, C Y8
Zineddine, C Y8
Katie, C Y8
Jayden, C Y8
Emilia, C Y7
Amy, C Y11
Logan, C Y7
Mitchell, C Y8
Matilda, D Y8
Anayah, D Y8
Amrita, D Y8
Freddie, D Y8
Alyssa, D Y8
Ayize, D Y8
Monica, F Y8
Zakaria, F Y10
Sarah, F Y8
Jessica, F Y10
Klaudia, F Y10
Felicity-Mai, F Y9
Hanna, G Y8
Grace, G Y11
Alina, G Y9
Alexandru-Nickolas, G Y8
Safillah, H Y7
Hassan, H Y8
Ruby, H Y8
Lillie Jane, H Y11
Edward, H Y8
James, H Y11
Shayla, H Y11
Kourtney, H Y7
Callum, H Y8
Muhammad, H Y12
Layla, J Y9
Jaiveen, J Y8
Lilly, J Y8
Kinga, K Y11
Saffia, K Y11
Emilia, K Y8
Abdullah, K Y8
Zaynah, K Y8
Nicole, K Y11
Aden, K Y7
Ben, L Y11
Ashton, L Y10
Kryan, L Y11
Nico, L Y8
Natalia, L Y7
Sebastian, L Y8
Natasha, L Y13
Maya, L Y10
David, M Y7
Wiktoria, M Y8
Paige-Marie, M Y10
Candace, M Y8
Reece, M Y12
Catherine, M Y8
Ruby, M Y8
Lamees, M Y8
Taneesh, M Y7
Arjun, M Y8
Khalid, M Y8
Erik, M Y10
Amberlise, M Y8
Gurleen, M Y8
Ayaan, M Y12
Willow, M Y9
Jazmin, M Y9
Daniel, M Y11
Daniel, M Y11
Selin, M Y13
Saif, N Y9
Michelle, N Y8
Richelle, O Y8
Laura, O Y7
Nanthanaa, P Y7
Rayan, P Y8
Jayden, P Y11
Samhith, P Y7
Phoebe, P Y8
Donaeo, Q Y8
Kishan, R Y10
Sumaiyah, R Y7
Zyronn, R Y10
Mohsin, S Y8
Amie, S Y10
Grace, S Y10
Jeena, S Y8
Amanah, S Y8
Lakshmi, S Y8
Zain, S Y7
Simona, S Y11
Udayveer, S Y7
Yuvraj, S Y9
Brandon, S Y8
Khushdeep, S Y7
Olivia, S Y8
Charlie, S Y10
Esham, S Y11
Joao, T Y10
Rangjung, T Y8
Maisie, T Y11
Jemimah, T Y8
Ruby, T Y8
Emily, T Y11
Louise, T Y11
Sofia, T Y8
Dalerdeep, T Y11
Jess, U Y11
Daisy, U Y11
Konstanty, U Y12
Hawra, V Y8
Holly, V Y13
Afzal, W Y8
Ella, W Y8
Taha, W Y8
Faris, W Y8
Rylee, W Y8
Filip, W Y8
Frank, W Y8
Daisy, T Y9
Sofia, F Y9
Lilly, D Y9
Gurdev, D Y10
Micah, W Y8
Jaida, M Y10
Lara, M Y10
Huleymatou, C Y12
Syeda, F Y12
Ayaan, M Y12
Buthayna, A Y12
Oriade, A Y12
Lynn, V Y12
Haida, F Y12
Simran, B Y12
Esha, M Y12
Harpuneet, D Y12
Jessica, B Y12
Gurleen, D Y12
Sajal, F Y12
Nazia, J Y12
Abdul-Rahman, A Y12
Mohammed, I Y12
Aahil, N Y12
Roshni, S Y12
Jenusha, J Y12
Ayan, A Y13
Isabella, M Y13
Jawahir, M Y13
Jason, O Y13
Moushma, I Y13
Gurveer, G Y13
Jaskaran, J Y13
Manmeet, M Y13
Rahul, M Y13
Brad, R Y13
Insha, S Y13
Maryan, S Y13