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Subject Requirements

We require a minimum of five GCSEs at Grade 4 or above for Level 3 courses – which must include GCSE English and GCSE Maths – and then meet the requirement for the specific subject qualification chosen.

Please see below for subject-specific entry requirements:

Level 3 - A-Level / BTEC AND diploma

Core and Sciences

Subjects Grades Required

GCSE Mathematics (Grade 6)

English Literature

GCSE English Literature (Grade 5) and

GCSE English Language (Grade 5)


GCSE Combined Science (Grade 6-6) or

GCSE Biology (Grade 6)


GCSE Combined Science (Grade 6-6) or

GCSE Chemistry (Grade 6) and GCSE Mathematics (Grade 5)

                  Spanish                                                                          GCSE Spanish (Grade 5)  


Subjects Grades Required
Religious Studies GCSE Religious Studies (Grade 5)

GCSE History (Grade 5) and

GCSE English Language (Grade 5)


Social Sciences and Other

Subject Grades Required
Psychology GCSE English Language (Grade 5)
Sociology GCSE English Language (Grade 5)
Art GCSE Art (Grade 4) or Graphics (Grade C)

GCSE English Language (Grade 5) or

BTEC Media (Grade 2 Merit)

BTEC and Diploma 

Subjects Grades Required
BTEC Sport

GCSE Physical Education (Grade 5) or

BTEC Sport (Grade 2 Merit)

BTEC Business

GCSE English Language (Grade 4)

BTEC Health and Social Care

GCSE English Language (Grade 4) or

BTEC Health and Social Care (Grade 2 Merit)

       BTEC Music      

GCSE Music (Grade 5) and students must also be undertaking peripatetic music lessons for their chosen instrument


GCSE English Language (Grade 4)

Applied Science

GCSE Combined Science (Grade 5-5) or

GCSE Extended Science (Grade 5) and

GCSE English Language (Grade 5) and

GCSE Mathematics (Grade 5)